Heading for University Perhaps?

Heading for University Perhaps

The opportunities for heading off to university these days, seem almost endless. Since the Government green lighted the re-christening of various technical colleges and higher education establishments, there seem to be universities on virtually every street corner.

This is not to belittle the prowess of an honours degree, especially since the initial enthusiasm for providing degree courses on trite or irrelevant subjects seems to have Continue reading “Heading for University Perhaps?”

Online Shopping, Keeping It Safe

Online Shopping, Keeping It Safe

The online shopping market is a booming one indeed. The value of this online retail market is reckoned now in hundreds of billions of pounds, big, big, bucks for sure. Also for sure, is human nature, and where large amounts of money can be found, there will always be a criminal class around to try for a slice of it.

Cyber-crime, like physical crime, now goes on continually, and as we naturally protect ourselves in our daily lives, so should we when shopping on line.

We carry out safety procedures as second nature, without thinking about them. When you leave your house, you close the windows and lock the door. You lock up your car, hide your Continue reading “Online Shopping, Keeping It Safe”

The Origins of Building Bricks

Building Bricks and their Origin

The humble brick, a product of water and mud, clay, sand, lime, chalk, whatever came to hand locally, has been with us as a product manufactured specifically for construction, for a very long time.

In the “cradle of civilisation”, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, the use of bricks in building can still be seen today in remains of buildings some 7,000 years old, durable stuff.

Buildings from ancient civilisations can still be seen, from the Great pyramids to Greece and the Roman Empire. From the Inca pyramids to the Great Wall of China, all stand as not only Continue reading “The Origins of Building Bricks”

Special Reasons Arguments & Motor Law

Special Reasons

A special reasons argument is used when you want to to present an argument the the court that proposes that under the circumstances it wouldn’t be fair to impose points for the driving offence in question.

Reasons for a special reasons argument might be where you were forced to drive while intoxicated for an emergency, or where you had to run a red light to move out of the way of an Continue reading “Special Reasons Arguments & Motor Law”

The Benefits of Quality Web Hosting

Web Hosting Misnomers

I think it’s fair to say that most people view web hosting for their website as just another add on expense that needs minimising as much as possible.

Consequently, it’s treated with the same disdain as choosing a supplier for your gas, electric, or your kids new shoes….. but the cheapest of something is usually cheapest for Continue reading “The Benefits of Quality Web Hosting”